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 We understand it can be difficult choosing jewellery to complete an outfit, with COUNTLESS hours wasted alone in front of the mirror!

 With greater knowledge of what styles suit your shape, colouring and lifestyle, this can be so much easier! We would like to offer you a specially personalised service to make jewellery selection simple and online jewellery purchasing a breeze.

Personal Jewellery Style Tips

Sign up to the Bird-Club today to access your Jewellery Style Assistant Questionnaire. Within a few days you will be sent an email with your customised advice so you can accessorize like a pro and feel complete when you venture out into the world!

PLUS all our member advantages...

 sneak previews of our new women's jewellery ranges

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 exclusive discounts and special offers! 

Amy wears the handmade, bone Elba Necklace with style!

In the words of Empowerment Coach, Fiona McLeod...

"An empowered woman knows she is unique and she likes it that way. She expresses herself with mindful words, compassionate actions and vibrant fashion...she is lead by her heart to creativity, colour, kind people and all things beautiful...this is her way of making the world more plentiful and peaceful."


“Love the Personal Style Assistant – makes choosing accessories simple and at the same time suggests things I would never have thought of wearing” 

-   Kim M


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