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  • If you suffer irritated ears from wearing earrings, this guide explains why and what you can do about it. Say goodbye to painful, itching red ears and expand your options, next time you shop, armed with these tips and solutions.
    Posted: 7/5/2020
  • Do you wonder what to do with old jewellery? What to do with the jewellery you no longer wear? I have some simple solutions to your dilemma with some creative ways to use old vintage and costume jewellery. De-stash, re-purpose and recycle those un-worn baubles.
    Posted: 18/3/2020
  • The inaugural Salty Sirens Women's Surf Festival is coming up in Gisborne this weekend, an event to get genuinely excited about with surfing lessons, yoga, food, fun competitions and a movie night! Visit the Makers Market on Sunday for local, handmade wares.
    Posted: 2/3/2020
  • The studio is open at last. If you are in Gisborne, pop in and discover the jewellery available to buy in Gisborne. Read on for details about what's on offer, the open hours along with the jewellery repair and alteration services available. Curious about the construction of the studio? then read more below.
    Posted: 18/2/2020
  • Find out about the semi-precious stones used for the KASBAH Collection, along with historical use in jewellery and claimed health benefits. Where are Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, Agate and Chrysoprase sourced and how are they used by Bird of Prey Jewellery?
    Posted: 10/2/2020
  • Information about the materials used in the Island-kind jewellery collection. Where are the materials sourced, how were they incorporated throughout history? What are the spiritual associations? Exploring turquoise, hand-carved bone, rose quartz, cubic zirconias and the term gold-filled.
    Posted: 18/1/2020
  • Our travels to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe. Historic buildings and towns and archaeological sites. Inspiration for the Bird of Prey Jewellery, Island-kind range. Highlights include Cinque Terre in Italy and the Nuraghe of Barumini in Sardinia.
    Posted: 24/10/2019
  • Annual Christmas fete at Tahaenui Station, fundraising for Starship Children's Hospital
    Posted: 1/9/2019

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