Our best travel inspired necklaces for the adventure seeker. 

Choose a limited edition or one of a kind necklace, choker or pendant to compliment your outfit and complete your look.

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What necklaces to take with you for all your travel needs - while on the road, in transit or at your destination.

If you choose to wear a necklace while on the road, select a robust, chunky piece to avoid the tangles likely with a delicate chain. Or stick to earrings if you have bag and camera straps to contend with.

Select a statement necklace to compliment several outfits you wear. And consider an over the top piece for significant events when you want to express your wild side, or to dress up a little black dress.

Gold-filled jewellery is more durable than gold plated, and you can often have a safety chain added to necklaces and pendants.

Individually knotted strands are an excellent choice - if they break, you won't lose precious beads.

Include a delicate necklace with a charm or totem that holds a special meaning that you can wear for emotional comfort.

When in transit, keep your jewellery in your hand luggage, not checked baggage. Store separately from any toiletries. 

When flying, consider wearing your most important pieces. They are unlikely to set off metal detectors.

Natural materials patinae, or age, more when worn outdoors. Try to keep jewellery from getting wet where possible.

While travelling use a fabric roll especially designed for storing jewellery; otherwise, try these suggestions:

  • insert delicate chains into plastic straws, fastening the clasps
  • a fabric drawstring pouch
  • safety pin chains to a micro-fibre or cotton cloth, then roll up, fastening with rubber bands at each end.


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