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Handmade jewellery - the Antidote to Mass-consumption?

Does the world need more resource-hungry, factory-produced meaningless trinkets and cookie-cutter sameness?

If you love your jewellery meaningfully handmade with quality materials, by people paid what they are worth, then you are in the right place.  

Let me tell you the story about our brand. 

Where did it all begin?

Its genesis in 2007 at the much-loved, Gisborne gift store BEX, (later Bird of Prey). From repairing treasured jewellery to making custom designed pieces and collections, the brand has evolved to become a stand-alone entity. 

Bird of Prey Jewellery has also featured in the Britomart pop-up Curate, and at Scope, a recent collective here in Gisborne, plus many local markets. The support customers have shown over the years has been fantastic. 

We now strive to extend our knowledge and excellent customer service through to you via the website.

Modern bohemian lifestyle stories and musings

We deeply believe in having the freedom to explore personal style and global influences - to uncover deep traditions alongside pop and counter-culture.

Our lives are enriched by travel, stories of adventure and the quirky people we meet along the way.

The Karearea, or New Zealand falcon captures the free-spirited nature of Bird of Prey Jewellery, symbolising independence, courage and the liberty to travel at will. 

_ _ _ _ _

Individuality is vital!

You are the only one who gets to be you. We encourage you to go against the tide, dare to be different.

We want you to feel good about yourself. Celebrate your imperfections and peculiarities on your path to greatness. 

Our collections are limited in production, ensuring you are one of a select few to be wearing Bird of Prey Jewellery. Explore our one of a kind selection.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with our customisable elements - upgrade and change your jewellery to whatever boho-vibe suits you today! 

Enjoy creating your look with our Style Me Boho cheatsheets.

_ _ _ _ _

The story behind our one of a kind jewellery designs for modern boho women
Create your own story and express your uniqueness with our jewellery

Transcend the ordinary. 

Bird of Prey Jewellery provides you with creative touches so you can tell your own story in brave and colourful ways.

As modern women we are called upon to fulfil many roles throughout the day - what we wear needs to flex too.

Elements of our collections are designed to be worn in multiple ways, offering you maximum flexibility and bohemian expression. 

Dare to be different and express the trailblazer within you!

_ _ _ _ _

Sustainability is paramount. 

Our focus is on quality, over quantity. 

Our jewellery is designed, handmade and assembled, here at the studio in Gisborne, New Zealand. 

We mix contemporary charms, gemstones from around the world, vintage elements and beachcombed flotsam. Flea-market finds combine with stamped and forged metals.

We use recycled Argentium Sterling Silver wherever possible,  nickel-free and cadmium-free base metals, and hypoallergenic Niobium to protect the environment and your wellbeing.

We individually gift-wrap, package and ship pieces with the utmost care to ensure they reach you in tip-top condition.

Read more common facts and questions regarding sustainability of our jewellery

Amanda May Jewellery designer exploring Cinque Terre, Italy.

The jewellery designer behind the scenes

Thankfully, I live with my family near the sea in Gisborne, on the East Coast of New Zealand. 

Growing up on a dairy farm in Poverty Bay with three sisters fostered my desire to explore and adventure - which at the age of 5 meant pitching a tent alone, down the back of the farm, physically as far as possible from others. 

My thirst for travel has not diminished!

Qualifying from Carrington Polytech with a Diploma of Design in 1992 equipped me with the ability to solve design-based problems. 

With many years of experience in retail and jewellery making, I can now advise on visual aesthetics and help you with your jewellery style decisions. 

I'm also a passionate organic gardener with a love for nature and the wild ways of the world.

You can read more about my creative journey on the blog Story by Gizzylocal.

"I love to create travel-inspired jewellery to satisfy wanderlust longing, that looks great on modern women, who care to tread lightly in nature, while expressing their personality.

The jewellery I create is inspired by travels and from things that intrigue me - collected materials, diverse cultures, special places and adventures with my most loved friends and family."

The personal side of our brand story

How you can make the most of Bird of Prey Jewellery.

We are committed to helping you select jewellery for your particular style and needs. 

Head on over to our members only group and Join the Bird-Club, for our latest special offers and inspiration. 

From the Bird-Club, you can also access  your FREE Personal Jewellery Style Assistant for customised jewellery solutions, selection tips and suggestions to complete your look.

"I have loved Bird of Prey Jewellery for over 10 years, at least 3 shops and many, many fabulous pieces of jewellery! I love that the pieces have an individuality and personality and quirkiness. Definitely not run of the mill. "

-   Gail K

Thank you for supporting a small, handmade jewellery business for a stylish and sustainable future.

Express your trailblazer in Bird of Prey Jewellery

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