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My ethos

We are currently witnessing over-consumption and centuries-old mis-management of resources, which is the last thing anyone wants to contribute to further.

I believe handmade products, much like homegrown veges, are the antidote to mass production.

Lets turn things around!

This is why I create one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewellery collections – pieces you invest in, love and keep for generations.

When you buy from Bird of Prey, you're investing in a piece of jewellery with a loving boho vibe, and supporting a local small business, keeping resources flowing in your community. You get the maker's expertise too – a lifetime of creative experience.

I make jewellery that not only looks good - you feel great wearing it too – at ease both physically and conscionably.

Opting to use eco-friendly methods and materials, we make the smallest impact on the environment. Small batch production ensures only a select few are wearing our jewellery.

You are going to want to wear this jewellery wherever you go - on the road, to the beach, a festival – and these designs are made to last so you can do what you love with confidence.

Bird of Prey Jewellery in collaboration with Sheryl May clothing label

Explore your personal style, uncover deep traditions

Our lives are enriched by travel, stories of adventure and the quirky people we meet along the way.

The free-spirited Karearea, or New Zealand falcon captures the nature of Bird of Prey Jewellery, symbolising independence, courage and the freedom to travel at will.

Dare to be different - tell your unique story.

Image credit: Bird of Prey Jewellery in collaboration with Sheryl May

My story

I'm Amanda, mum to two fine young men, a life partner to Paul, a sister to three inspirational women and daughter of the most creative duo in Gisborne.

It would be an understatement to call my mum, Helen May, a dressmaker and my Dad, Seymour May, a potter – now in their 80's, both are self taught, directed and motivated. They fostered our creativity and provided the perfect environment to grow up in, with freedom to explore.

I love to travel, create and garden. We grow organic fruit and veges from our urban oasis, sharing the excess with family and community.

I'm an eclectic collector of ideas and things that intrigue me.

Snippets of diverse ethnic cultures, charms, beach-combed flotsam and vintage scores find their way into my original jewellery collections.

Inspiration comes from adventures abroad with loved ones and through exploring the universe within.

Connection with diverse folk through local markets and swapping stories keeps the creative juices flowing with ideas, for expression through my modern bohemian jewellery.

I personally design, make and assemble the jewellery in my garden studio here in Gisborne, on the East Coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Amanda, designer and maker of Bird of Prey Jewellery


My jewellery making journey

Jewellery making is a creative expedition, sometimes along a well-trodden path, sometimes off into the unknown. Exploration of each new style or technique brings learning and upskilling.

My background and experience in design, has helped me as a self-taught jewellery maker, keeping me strong to my vision – jewellery that is meaningful and wearable.

From repairing jewellery and making custom designs in 2007 at the much-loved gift store BEX, Bird of Prey evolved to become a stand-alone brand.

Selling the beautiful, Blue Turtle gemstone rings at BEX, inspired me to create a similar style of jewellery.

In 2020, my path from beading, (the gateway drug of jewellery making), naturally veered into silversmithing.

Rather than using traditional Sterling Silver, my metal of choice, wherever possible, is Argentium Silver and 14kt gold-fill for use in hypoallergenic earrings and pendants. Niobium and nickel/cadmium-free base metals/alloys, are also used to protect your wellbeing and the environment.

As I sketch, thoughts transform into concepts.

Specially selected, characterful gemstones from around the world become focal points, often dictating what the final piece will become.

Each design evolves until I'm satisfied the final design reflects the character of the stones and the values I want to convey.

With careful attention to detail, I smith, stamp and texturise to express the ideas that accumulate within.


environmentally friendly jewellery packaging

Our packaging

Every order is presented and delivered in environmentally friendly packaging which can be re-used or composted.

Orders are nested in dried flowers, herbs and foliage, collected from our garden and natural environment.

Ask for individual gift-wrapping. I'll package and ship your jewellery with the utmost care to ensure it reaches you in tip-top condition, ready to gift.

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@‌lily_mossnz wears full-blown boho, Sarah Expedition Earrings and the Argentium silver Crystal Eye pendant for psychic protection.

Just arrived in time for our super blue moon tonight!⁠⁠I've made this sweet little pendant in Argentium Silver with stamped details to express a love of the sea.⁠⁠

A few details from the latest drop of the North Quest collection!

Vintage jade restrung for a very special, 90 years young woman.

Wings clipped for a few weeks!

My fabulous big sister enjoying her birthday dinner out at @crawfordroadkitchen. Looking resplendent I must say, in print dress and my Call of the Wild copper bird necklace! Talk about keeping it in the family ?

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Ciao for now and tap to express your trailblazer in our jewellery made for modern bohemians