15 Boho-chic Jewellery Storage and Display Ideas

15 Boho-chic Jewellery Storage and Display Ideas

A Style Guide to Store and Display Your Jewellery. 

Winter is the perfect time of year to take stock of your treasured jewellery. Start with the following checklist for action to help you do just that. 

Then check out my compilation of boho chic jewellery display ideas and clever storage solutions for your jewels and put a smile back on your dial.

If you're a fan of upcycling old stuff and DIY like me, these ideas are for you...

Let's get your jewellery sorted and stashed!


Start by taking everything out and spread it out on a big table.

  • Pair up studs and replace missing butterfly backs
  • Untangle necklaces and bracelets
  • Check clasps work and jump rings are fully closed.
  • Check brooch pin clasps are tight.
  • Check stone settings in rings are secure.
  • Give everything a good clean and store away carefully as per this general Jewellery Care Guide. 
  • Hang or store separately from one another

TIP: I like to group things in 'stories' that I would wear together or that have an element in common, such as a material, colour or style

Two Jewellery Display Ideas from the Bird of Prey Playbook.

window louvres display jewellery

Repurpose louvre shutters

Old wooden shutters are great for hanging earrings with hooks, and you can easily drape necklaces through the slats. 

Then mix it up with some art, dried flowers or whatever takes your fancy.

upcycled suitcase idea for jewellery storage

Upcycle an old suitcase

I found this one on the roadside! As jewellery stash holders, these work best when turned up on their ends, so they open like a book. If you sit it flat, the traditional way, jewellery can fall off or tangle with pieces in the bottom half when opening and closing.

Customise the lining with old map paper or vintage fabric to suit your vibe.

More Boho Stashery Ideas.

boho display ideas for jewellery

Image credits: left to right, from Pinterest

  • Collect thrift shop retro wooden dishes - nyclq-focalpoint.blogspot.com
  • Buy a ready-made rattan wall rack from etsy.com
  • Create a necklace hanger with cup hooks and an old wooden coathanger - Cristidubi Da
  • Upcycle an old birdcage - shopbellavita.com
  • Pin brooches to an old mannequin - Penelope Pitstop
  • Integrate a wall shelf with cup hooks underneath to hang necklaces - lyralim.club
  • Repurpose a Printers tray - artbeadscene.blogspot.com
  • Make a DIY push pin rack for the wall or inside a wardrobe door - diyinpdx.com
  • Upcycle an old frame with wine corks for pinning earrings to - intdessa.tumblr.com


And To Store Those Fiddly Little Studs and Brooches

boho storage ideas for small jewellery items

 Image credits: left to right, from Pinterest

  • Stack vintage china and crystal cake stands - ideastand.co
  • Repurpose baking tins for inside drawers - postcardsfromtheridge.com
  • Plastic ice-cube trays keep chains from tangling - rd.com
  • China tea cups are practical and beautiful - even when they're chipped or missing handles - theorganisedhousewife.com.au

I hope you found this guide helpful in organising your jewels beautifully and that it gets your creative cogs turning. 

Please leave me a message with your favourite jewellery storage or display tips! 


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