Customer Survey

May I request approximately five minutes of your time to answer some questions?  Ultimately this will improve our future interactions and the ways I can be of service to you.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. For every complete questionnaire, there is a NZD$10 credit waiting, for your use online at

Please remember to include your name and email, so this is allocated to you correctly.


Here goes...!



1. How did you first discover Bird of Prey Jewellery?

 Google Search

 Social Media

 At a market

 In a brick and mortar store

 Word of mouth

2. What initially attracted you to Bird of Prey Jewellery?

3. If you currently own a piece of Bird of Prey Jewellery, did you

 buy it yourself?

 receive it as a gift?

 That's not applicable yet

4. What do you like most about your favourite piece of Bird of Prey Jewellery?


5. Pricewise, you consider Bird of Prey Jewellery to be

 cheap and cheerful

 affordable, value for money

 a pricey investment

 too expensive

 I don't know


6. When you think of Bird of Prey Jewellery, what springs to mind?

7. How likely is it that you would recommend this jewellery brand to a friend?

 Not very likely

 Quite likely

 I will definitely recommend


8. How would you describe Bird of Prey Jewellery to someone who asked?

9. For which of the following reasons do you mainly wear jewellery?

 To feel a certain way

 To complete an outfit

 For sentimental reasons

 A combination of the above



10. Which of the following aspects MOST sways you to purchase a piece of jewellery?

 The brand

 The design

 Knowing who physically made it

 Where it was made

 How local it is to you

 The meaning associated with it

 What it may say about you

 The uniqueness

 It suits a particular occasion

 The price


11. What's not working, or what annoys you with your current jewellery?

12. How easy do you find the Bird of Prey Jewellery website to navigate?

 Very easy





13. What do you like best about the Bird of Prey Jewellery website?

14. What brand that you love could Bird of Prey Jewellery learn a thing or two from and why?

15. How often in a month would you prefer to receive email news and offers from your favourite handmade jewellery maker?

 Once a week

 Once a fortnight

 Once a month



16. What are the biggest challenges you face when buying jewellery?

17. What could we change about our products or services?

18. Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?


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